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History abstract

Postby arjoopy » Mon Nov 14, 2016 13:31

Probably it would make sense to agree on a historical sequence of relevant events like global empires, wars etc... Anyone who is planning to give his nation a global relevant role, if today or in the past, he should write it here. For me, I would like to present the 'Empire of Iltomvodatia' from about 1100 to 1800.

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Re: History abstract

Postby Vitarigo » Tue Nov 15, 2016 18:04

arjoopy wrote:I would like to present the 'Empire of Iltomvodatia' from about 1100 to 1800.

The absolute regime of King Vat's family would be stopped in the year 2072 then. (As the french revolution endet in year 1799) Or maybe 1972.
I don't think that it is realistic to put the world wide democratic revolution earlier in time...

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Re: History abstract

Postby Trakten » Tue Nov 15, 2016 19:09

The coffee war is a war between the empire of Trakten and the botanical states which are an important trading partner for the imperial empire but are attacked by rebels. The war is in 2328 and the
place of war are the Botanical Islands.
The goal is to secure and protect the coffee import


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The Botanical Islands have a tropical climate and lie in the Southern Hemisphere of Tracon

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